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Ivibe Select Irocket Silicone Vibrator Waterproof Purple 4.5 Inch

Ivibe Select Irocket Silicone Vibrator Waterproof Purple 4.5 Inch

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Price :�480.51 �320.32

  • Product Sku: DJ-6025-03-3
  • Manufacturer: Doc Johnson Enterprises
  • Availability: Available Now
  • Release Date: February 21, 2014


The modern revamp of the classic Pocket Rocket, everyone's favorite little vibe! Powered by PowerBullet, boasting 7 unique multifunctions and strong vibrations, this clitoral vibrator features sensuous silicone massage beads and a luxurious Velvet Touch finish. Measuring a petite 4.5" in usable length with a 1" diameter, featuring push button controls with easy one-touch On/Off, and a waterproof design for versatile play. Includes lovely magnetic storage box with removable outer sleeve. Made of Phthalate-free, hypoallergenic ABS plastic. Requires 2 AAA batteries to power it on!

- Multifunction Vibrator
- Total Length: 5.2", Usable Length: 4.5", Diameter: 1.3"
- Velvet Touch ABS
- Silicone Massage Beads
- Powered by PowerBullet
- Hypoallergenic; Phthalate-free
- Waterproof
- Requires 2 AAA batteries

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Product Reviews

ivibe / irocket

doc you did it again

Anonymous - December 31 2016


When I first got this product, I was so excited. I took 2 batteries from a TV remote becaus I could not wait. But idk what it was wth the batteries but they got stuck in holes. I contacted customer Service, they help me to get the batteries out, popped some fresh ones in and the vibe is very refreshing 😍 love my ivibe

Anonymous - December 29 2015


Couldn't be happier, love this toy which never lets me down!

Anonymous - July 29 2015

Two thumbs up

To me this looks like a finger, but a really great finger that tickles and vibrates you into strong, forever lasting climaxes.

Anonymous - February 13 2015

Truly orgasmic.

I LOVE this vibe!! I haven't been able to keep my hands off of it since I first got it.
Definitely worth the money, and most DEFINITELY going to be a keeper. <3

Anonymous - October 14 2014


gets the job done, again and again!

Anonymous - October 4 2014

Thank you

This vibrator gave me my very first orgasm so am a very happy customer! Try it!

Anonymous - September 20 2014

My first toy <3

This is my first toy (recommending by Dirty Berd) and I could not be more pleased with it. I am a happy girl :)

Anonymous - August 18 2014

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